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One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is, "What should we wear to our session ?". Well, here are the answers you are looking for. Below are some tips and outfit inspiration for you. 


  •  Ditch the uniforms! Don't even think about wearing the same color shirt and jeans. That's been long overdone in the 90's. 

  • Layers always add dimension. Pair a dress with a cardigan or a colored shirt with a vest or jacket. 

  • Pick a color palette that compliments the location of your shoot. For example, bold colors look great in the city and pastels in the country. But I do love a pop of color at the beach ! 

  • ACCESSORIZE! Put a headband on your little girl or a cute fedora (hat) on your little boy. Women, don't forget jewelry! 

  • Have 1 or two people wear prints/patters and the rest of the group wears solids of the colors found in that particular print/pattern. Or weave through a common color or two.

  • Don't forget your nails! Your hands AND your feet may be in some images! 

  • Adults, avoid shorts. They are rarely ever flattering and the abundance of skin showing can be distracting in a photograph. Same thing goes for sleeveless tops. 

  • It never hurts to get your hair and makeup done. Ladies, false lashes do wonders! 

  • Don't wear t-shirts, hoodies, or anything with logos! 

  • Dress for your personality, be comfortable and don't wear something that you wouldn't wear on another day :)



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