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New Year 2016 Resolutions {San Diego Wedding Photographer}

January 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Gosh ! I can't believe another year has begun ! I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and make a few general resolutions for the next year. 
Like a lot of creative professionals, I go through phases of self doubt and feelings of unworthiness, so I am going to try and work more on my self confidence. I am going to be more brave. If I want to try something, I'm going to try to set aside my embarrassment and introvertedness and just do it. I get bogged down with filling my time with either work or couch-sitting and TV watching and then feel guilty when I realized I've missed out on doing something I really love. I want to make time to sing, and maybe start playing an instrument again. I want to get outside and go camping more. I want to eat less carbs and sugar, eat more greens and exercise more. 
Ok, maybe I should stop there. Baby steps ...

Who's with me ? Let's be brave together this year !


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