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BellaDiva Baking - Trials and Errors {San Diego Wedding Photographer}

April 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
At the Shoot & Share United 2014 conference in February, Kaitlin Hebert talked about gifting your clients. I've been doing this for a while but just recently though about more branded ways to do it. Edible logo cookies sounded good ! And who doesn't like cookies ?!
The problem is that I don't really cook or bake that much. Cue the BellaDiva Mom ! She is always willing to let me destroy her house with a sewing, cooking or baking project ! My dad walked in half way through the project though and wondered why we weren't messing up the kitchen at MY house ! LOL
I ordered the logo frosting sheets from Edible Printing and got everything else at Michaels, except the ingredients of course ! 
By the end of the night, I was covered in sticky frosting and baking flour but he cookies looked cute. However, the border didn't dry and got all smushed and I ran out of pink sugar crystals ! So it's back to square one and Batch #2. 

Here's a short little video/slideshow of our evening !


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