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In Search of a Brand - Part 1 {Escondido Wedding Photographer}

March 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So, this week, after coming back from United, and frankly, even last year after the United conference, I've been thinking about my "brand". I feel like I'm just another cookie cutter photographer. Why would someone pick my pretty photos over another photographer's pretty photos ? Especially if mine are more expensive ! The answer is me. They would need to pick me over the other photographer for me. Now, this is a hard concept for someone who's always been insecure, but hides it well. I guess it comes with the territory. When you're doing something creative, sharing of yourself, it's harder. Because what if the world doesn't like it ? This piece of you that you've wrenched out of yourself for all to see and judge ?

So many of the speakers at United seemed to have a similar message. Find out who you are, then market to like minded/dressed/acting people and you'll have your perfect client who'll pay more to spend time with a "friend" on their wedding day than they would a stranger. And bonus, fab pics where you and your hubby look totally relaxed and like you're having a great time, because you are !
So, they say think of 3 words to describe yourself, your brand or whatever. I am having a tough time. Most people would say I'm fun. "Fun" sucks. "Fun" can be so many different things. And "goofy" doesn't seem like a valid reason for a client to choose you over someone else. 

Maybe I should take a page from the fab, Kristen Booth's playbook, and go with a phrase rather. She describes her purpose as a photographer, "To make the world believe in happily ever after". She's all about poofy dresses and white horses. I too love a good poofy dress, but I'd say I'm more sequins and black lace, minus the goth. Sometimes I feel like I'm a walking contradiction. I love books, but I'm a movie nerd too. I love classical music, but I'll belt it out with Dave Grohl anyday ! I watch TMZ but also love historical documentaries ! 

Hrumph ! This introspection thing sucks ! 

To be continued ...


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