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Behind the Scenes: My office disaster - Stage 1 {Personal}

March 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Ok, it's confession time. So, I'm not the neatest person. I'm probably about a week away from being a hoarder at any moment in time ! The only way I curb those tendencies is by having a maid service once a month (gotta tidy up so they don't judge me) and by watching episodes of Hoarders to scare myself straight ! 
Well, recently I decided it was finally time to tackle my home office. It has been a dumping zone for far too long and I miss the days I felt like an adult and would use it for editing ! So here is the first stage of my home office transformation. I've nicknamed it, "Ah, so there is a floor !". At least I can enter the room now without doing the landmine hop. I really want to pretty it up a la +Katelyn James's office. It's a good start, anyway. Stay tuned for updates !

Please excuse the crappy cellphone photos. Once it's all done, I'll bust out the "big camera" and take some fab detail shots.


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