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Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm a photographer, animal lover, travel enthusiast and child of God.

I believe the Lord has given us a world full of beauty & as a portrait photographer, my goal is to capture the beauty of people, their relationships, their love for each other. I think beautiful images are created when people are comfortable, relaxed and having fun, so I try to foster this environment during my sessions. By the end of our time together, I hope you’ve had as good a time as I have!

My passion for photography began as a teenager growing up in South Africa documenting my life & the lives of those around me. All my friends would rely on me to take photos of our parties & vacations
. Not much has changed ! I love meeting new clients & having strangers become friends while capturing images of their romance, family or kids that will bring joy & create memories that’ll last forever.

Random Facts: I’m a fan of 80’s music, my fur baby, Winnie, road trips, singing at the top of my lungs in the car & busting out my sweet, sweet dance moves.